Thursday, March 13, 2014

Girls' Bathing Suit Prototype

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Here is the prototype of a bathing suit pattern I have been working on. This exact one will not be released, I've made a few changes. Hopefully, it will be ready by next week.

This suit was made in a hurry and so it isn't the best job, but I am not pleased with the strap. That's one thing that has changed. It won't take too much to re-do this one.

And something isn't quite right about that ruffle skirt, or maybe it's just because it's on a mannequin. But one thing for sure, the waistband has been modified and is a little more streamlined.

Here is the view from the back (please overlook the proverbial stick). The top looks too low because I don't have the top positioned right on the mannequin.

I love the black and white gingham, but I wish I had chosen another fabric for the rest. And of course, I just threw that yellow in there, haven't quite made up my mind about it. Another thing is the plain store-bought bias I used, I think I can liven that up a bit by using made to match handmade bias.

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